Which opportunity to become a Smart Marina?

Which opportunity to become a Smart Marina?

R-marina is proud to announce the launch of R-smart, the monitoring software for the connected marina and its 1st implementation in Florida.R-smart

In less than 4 years, R-marina has been implemented in more than 40 marinas in France, Great Britain and last but not least in St Petersburg marina (Florida).

From 150 up to 4.800 berths, all these marinas have become smarter by adopting the R-marina solution. R-marina is the network solution that offers added value and real time service for the marina manager and the boaters on the same network: Wi-Fi, CCTV, access control, Dynamic display screens, Water and Electricity metering, smart lighting …

Thanks to the new software R-smart, all these services will be managed from a single interface, offering a 360° view of the marina. Key factors of success from R-marina have guided the development of the software: Ease of Use, Modularity, Reliability and Real Time Information. Each user, depending on his profile, benefits from a ready to use interface with a customized general dash board and authorized items.

After a first step to design the marina with drag and drop technology on a 3D vectorized map of the marina, the Marina Manager or the Technical Director will just have to click on a hierarchical view or map to access all the required details of an equipment and will be aware of everything that happens in the marina through a single interface. A customized notification system will send the critical alerts via email or SMS.

Thanks to the interface with the marina management software, R-marina software will allow the marina manager to have a real time view of the marina occupancy, to maximize the turnover, to reduce the time to access to relevant data, and therefore to provide more services !

Behind this easy to use interface, R-smart relies on the latest state-on-the-art technologies: flexible 3D mapping engine, Internet of Things, http API… A time series database completes the environment to allow the marina manager to see how his marina was 6 months or 2 years ago: this opens the doors to Big Data for the next release.

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